Saturday, October 13, 2007


Poway is great place to raise a family but it's a terrible place for food. It's mostly your standard typical , corporate chain restaurants where flavors are watered down to accommodate the lowest common denominator of suburban taste buds, but growing up in San Francisco and living in Los Angeles has really spoiled me when it comes to authentic ethnic foods.
Aside from my favorite drive-thru taco joints like Molcasalsa, I hadn't found a place that serves more traditional Mexican food in Poway until I finally walked into Lupe's Cafe on Poway Road, just west of Carriage Road.

It's small place that probably once was a coffee shop/ diner. It's seems as if it's family owned and I think the owner is from Jalisco, Mexico. I originally stumbled into the place because I had a hankering for some caldo and I couldn't find it at the the other taco places. Since finding this place two weeks ago, I think we have been like 4 times. We've had the caldo de pollo, caldo de camarone, the chicharrone de res, mole pollo. I haven't been disappointed yet. The taste is authentic and flavors are spicy and full. Nothing is held back. Most of the patrons are actually Mexican, which is always a good sign but I have seen many other gabachos there, like me, feeding their faces. I also like that they have about about 4 different hot sauces at the table. So if you consider Chevy's Mexican food to be Mexican food, then this place just isn't for you, but if you want down home type Mexican food, then this is the place for you. The Guero says check it out!!!

The family and I just there last night, so here is snapshot of the caldo de pollo.

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