Thursday, October 25, 2007

I had to leave....Los Angeles

So, last night, while waiting for the traffic to die down for my journey back to San Diego, I cruised around L.A. I got out my van and walked around a little. I tried to snap off a few more photos, but the golden hour had already vanished.

I might add, that while I was trying to take these photos, some passenger in a passing cargo van screamed right behind me. He was trying to make me drop the camera into the L.A. river. My senses were already on high alert, however, and much to said passenger's hopes, I didn't drop it.

1 comment:

crazy kat said...

...yo bitch. I was the person who yelled at you to get your piece of crap, driving 5 miles an hour while trying to take stupid pictures with your camera, car out of my way! I don't know who you think you are, tying up traffic. Take photos when you're OUT OF THE CAR, not IN. Dumb ass puto...