Monday, November 12, 2007

Homicidal Clowns...

So the current song/video I can't get out of my melon is called 'Fluorescent Adolescent', a single that was released during the summer in the UK by those boys from Sheffield, The Arctic Monkeys. I love the song. It's a catchy tune about a woman whose love life has jumped the shark. As for the video, I don't know what it's about about. My guess is that it's about our own inner clown, or youth, that comes back to give us a right good thrashing for becoming such boring, old prats. Anyway, the violent imagery of Clowns and blokes beating the shite of each other is just plain good entertainment. Reminds me a little of A Clockwork Orange.

1 comment:

Yucko The Clown said...

Clowns are not homicidal...but if you keep talking that trash, I'll come down there and beat yur ass!!!!