Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vegas is not cool...

So my flight to Vegas was canceled so I took the next flight out an hour later. So I sat in the bar and ordered a breakfast and a pint of Guinness. I always try to have a drink before getting on a plane if I can. It's not that I am afraid of flying, it's actually quite a boring experience, but if the plane does ever decide to take a nose dive into the earth, I'd like to know that I at least had one final drink. The bartender is old black women with short hair who looks like she's had quite a life but seems happy to have a comfortable job at the airport.
There's a TV at the bar, CNN was doling out the so called news: Britney and her English accent, a dead Marine and her fetus, and other such newsy nuggets.

Two young white girls, who just met apparently, sit to my side taking about Britney, the murdered marine, and about boyfriends and clubs in Vegas. When I turn around and can't see them, I can't tell which one is talking. They have a lot in common. They sound exactly alike, they have that suburban white-girl accent.

Boarded the plane, It was an uneventful flight. Flew into the Vegas Airport. It's the first time I have ever been to this airport-it looks like a casino. It's weird. Got to the taxi-queue. It's a huge line but it moved quickly. My driver got me to the Hard Rock. I went to the fashion show. I was late and missed most of it.

Later I get a call from my manager. She tells me that a woman who accidentally walked into the glass door at my work last Sunday wants to be compensated for her injury. The door was closed and locked and she didn't see it. I was there the night it happened, I felt bad for her. But now she has walked into my store, demanding money. I just have to call my insurance...that's what it's for, right?

So I am in my hotel room. I didn't go anywhere. I watched a documentary on Hardcore Punk Rock in America in the early 80s. It was awesome.

I hate Las Vegas. There is nothing for me here. I don't gamble. I just don't enjoy it. I can't afford to play with money. There's already enough people trying to take mine away...

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