Monday, July 14, 2008


Who could forget Miki Berenyi, the red haired, English born, half-Japanese, half-Hungarian lead singer from Lush, one of the most underrated UK bands of the 1990s? The first track I heard from them was "Deluxe", which San Francisco's Live 105 played in their hit or miss rotation. They started out as a shoegaze know... shoegazers - the sort of introspective and withdrawn folks who never look up when they walk down the street, staring at their own shoes instead. Shoegazers...get it? By 1996, they had evolved into a solid 90s britpop group. Things seemed to being going great until drummer, Chris Acland, hanged himself in 1996. Everything fell apart soon after and the world of music moved on.

I saw them perform live at a free concert sponsored by Live 105 at Union Square sometime in 1992 or 1993- I can't remember exactly. The show was great and their sound matched their studio recordings. Now in the past, it's been unfairly alleged that the Güero possesses an unhealthy Asian fetish , as well as an English fetish(Anglophilia), but I must say that I had no idea Ms. Berenyi was half Asian until I saw them in concert. So please don't hate and think I'm dusting off this defunct band due to some sick and twisted perversions that I may or may have. It's also interesting to note that Miki Berenyi used to date that cat from Weezer, Matt Sharp. Weezer released a track called "El Scorcho" which is said to be have written about her. The lyrics includes the line:

"Goddamn you half-Japanese girls Do it to me every time..."

Guitarist, Emma Anderson was no slouch herself and was responsible for composing most of their songs. Lush's guitars had a very dreamy and atmospheric sound that remained distinct even after they ventured into a more melodic style, that marked their end. So judge for yourself...

Lush - De-luxe (1990)

Lush - Hypocrite (1994)

Lush - Single Girl (1996)

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