Friday, September 5, 2008


I realise that its been awhile, however, I never really left; I just haven't been doing much posting. Some friends, for lack of better word, suggested that I discontinue this blog until I get job and get settled in; but I came to the conclusion, rather quickly, that things will never be settled....that life NEVER really settles until you stop breathing. Once that point is reached, the task of blogging becomes rather difficult, if not pointless. So that said, I shall carry on with my earnest endeavor to pollute the internet with my worthless thoughts, sorry tales and shallow opinions. After all, no one reads this shite anyway ( my deepest apologies to those who do) and its just more or less therapy for me. It's cheaper than seeing a shrink and its at least possible that it could be mildly interesting.

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Anonymous said...

"Realize"? Drop the UK, homie. U ain't Madonna!