Friday, September 26, 2008


The graffiti stencils :anyone that has to walk the garbage strewn streets here in the Mission has probably seen them, or if not, they've seen photos in the local blogs or read about in yesterday's Chronicle. It's not really known who is doing them....I don't don't think it's lower income Latinos...they are busy working and taking care of their families, I don't think it's the homeless people, they are busy collecting cans and doing whatever else they do. So who is it? Political activists? Performance artists? People who hate their parents? I don't know but what's clear is that it is an ineffective attempt to solve the real problems in the Mission.

I think they should put their cardboard stencils and spraypaint cans away and do something more constructive for the neighborhood; for instance, pick up all the trash that sails downwind from Cesar Chavez Street. The amount of coffee cups, plastic bags and paper is incredible.

Do these sidewalkistas want to create some catchy and clever slogans they think will make the ordinary Mission resident rise up and fight against the evil doing gentrify-ers? Do they think we are going to "smoke 'em out" of their refurbished Victorian TICs? It's ridiculous. These are anonymous rebels fishing for a cause and they are as irrelevant as the stenciled statements they spraypaint.

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