Wednesday, October 29, 2008


After studying at the library last evening, I didn't have time to get something to eat before catching Bart to get to school, so I thought I might go gets me a bacon dog from a local street vendor. Yes! The wonderful, wonderful bacon dog; that sweet smell of grilled bacon and mystery meat hot dogs along with those golden caramelized onions, conjure up memories for me of late-night revelry and ribaldry in the streets of Tijuana, the happiest place on Earth!

The bacon dogs here and in Los Angeles aren't as tasty as the ones the ones in Tijuana,( isn't that how it always is?) and they cost 3 times as much but that's okay because it's still the perfect street nosh to keep you on the run; hopefully not to the toilet. But such is the risk and rewards of street eating and I'm no dandy from the burbs to start fussing about all those pesky health codes and such. I just want something that's going to satisfy the rumbly in my tumbly and taste damn delicious at the same time. It's the street vendor versus McDonalds so pick your poison.

I hoofed it to 23rd and Mission, where I saw the cart last week, but alas he was gone! I walked another block north but no...he was not there! So.... I just had to settle for some tacos at Taqueria Altena, which is usually my back up for El Farolito. Oh how disapointing....but it's ok...I will live another day to eat another bacon dog. I just hope the bacon dog doesn't suffer the same fate as in Los Angeles, where the city is cracking down on the street vendors and throwing their carts and food into garbage trucks....yes it's horrible but true. Write your congressperson! BACON DOGS ARE NOT A CRIME!!!


Anonymous said...

why does TJ make you so "happy?"

The Güero said...

TJ makes EVERYONE happy!

Anonymous said...

¡Viva la tocinolucíon! ¡Viva la panceta libre!

Hey, Guero, being an old school Missionista, what do you remember of Groger's Western Store?

The Güero said...

@burritojustice...yes i remember that place. I think it was on Valencia and 26th. It closed ages ago. My dad who is the biggest Mexican wanna-be-Redneck I know, used to buy shirts and boots and other items there. This was many years ago...the early 80s..jezuz... I forgot all about that place.