Friday, December 19, 2008


Though it was somewhat scary that it was so warm and sunny for a winter day, My wife and I took the kid to Dolores Park earlier this month. These are just few photos I snapped while I was standing around and being nosy. We met a real nice girl (I forgot her name, and by "girl"- I mean she was in her 20s)-a self professed single, who was there with her dog and she let my son play with her. She made some crack about how she wished the ball my son was throwing would "accidentally" hit a "cute" guy sitting on the grass. She thought it would be a good conservation starter...and allow her to determine if he was single and heterosexual! She said that in San Francisco, it's a little more difficult to tell which men are straight or gay, and how hard it is for the single woman these days. She was very funny and she regaled my wife and I with her humorous, Dolores Park dog people gossip.

Warm December Day @ Dolores Park

Also, I spied a recycle dumpster which appeared to be self ejecting cans and plastic bottles. Then after a moment, a Latino gentleman popped his head out- wiping sweat with one hand and talking on his cell phone with the other. It was an interesting sight and despite his mess making, he collected everything neatly and didn't leave a trace.

Multi-tasking @ Dolores Park
(I wonder if the prolific, local commentator ZinZin knows this cat)

We left finally, and after nearly tripping over a few sleeping "hobos"-as my 8 year old son like to call them- and dodging throngs of "cool, urban hipsters" - as I like to call them, we happened upon a sidewalk sale that a little girl had set up...

Sidewalk Shopping

My son bought a snowman soap dispenser (you can see it in the bottom left of the frame). Later around the corner, we sampled some organic, locally made chocolate at an organic market. It had an uh...earthy taste... but frankly, I'd prefer a Hershey's bar. After, we went and had a late lunch at Truly Mediterranean -thank God I have a child that loves lamb shawerma - and finally, we walked all the way home. It was a good day...

Miguel Hidalgo Looks Over The Mission
(Miguel Hidalgo looks out over the Mission)

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