Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Güero Eats: Corazon de la Mission

Corazon de la Mission, the street food event at La Victoria this past Saturday appeared to be total success as far as this güero's taste buds’ could tell.

I received a Facebook invite from the my old schoolmate and owner of La Vicotoria Bakery, Jaime “Jam for the People” Maldonado, so the family and I headed over for some of what the Mission District is known for – delicious street food!

We sampled some wild boar perogies from ForageSF, empanadas from Venga, smoked sausage gumbo from the Gumbocart and lastly I gotz to give special shout out to my man Dontaye from Goodfoods with his “big bad” brisket that melts in your mouth. My son and I usually hit up Goodfoods at the Alemany’s Farmer’s Market on for their pulled pork sliders with spicy cole-slaw, so it was a added surprise that Dontaye and his awesome mom were in the house.

Unfortunately we couldn’t sample everything from the other vendors but Jaime assured me on Facebook that more events are coming so being a food lover and a Missionista by default, I’m excited.

Some dismiss the whole street/cart/truck food phenomena taking place in The City, LA and other cities as just another food fad and who knows, maybe it is but then again, who gives a culo de rata? I wish all fads tasted as great and were so much fun.

It’s what makes San Francisco and Mission district in particular such a great place. There is so much innovation and creativity going here whether it be in art or food and it’s awesome that all the street chefs know and help each other out. It’s reassuring to know that despite a crap economy, people here are trying out new ideas and new models that could spread and change the way we eat.

Jaime "Jam for the People" Maldonado from La Victoria

Dontaye Bell from GoodFoods and the Wild Child

Iso Rabins from ForageSF


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