Thursday, December 20, 2007

George Bailey and the Insect In My Camera

So for a few days there was a water bug that had somehow found it's way into one my security camera domes. It was trapped there. It was was trying desperately to crawl out but to no avail. My girls, who could not have cared less for the unlucky creature, just left it there.

In the meantime, I have been taking calls and receiving emails from various groups that I owe money to: the bank, the mall, vendors and collection departments. It's the end of the year for me, the last chance to make some money but now I have to face the fact that it is not going to happen. Poor sales from November did not allow me to purchase needed for this month as well as paying some of the loans and other debt. Also, the public schools did not get out until yesterday, the Friday before Christmas. Last year, the schools broke the week before, so it was busy the week before Christmas last year. Then you have the higher price of gas and customers just just spending less in general. I don't give a shit what George Bush and others are saying that the economy is just fine because that does not reflect what's going on the ground.

As a kid I used to watch Jimmy Stewart in Frank Capra's Holiday Classic, "It's a Wonderful Life". I used to love that movie and I had a thing for Donna Reed. And now, here at I am, at the age of 39 and now I feel like Jimmy Stewart's George' Bailey. That "silly old fool" Uncle Billy has screwed the pooch by losing the money and now George is royally ass-fucked at Christmas time. I feel for you George because so am I. Time and money are running out, my phone and email inbox are blowing up with people demanding payments. It's had to take sometimes and when I see my peers, who's hard work has paid off, and they are enjoying their rewards, it only makes me feel worse because I see no silver lining or resolution to my problems. But unlike George, I don't have Clarence, the angel, or good townsfolk to save me from from my troubles. It's Christmas today, so there is some respite but soon more calls and bad news will come and I will to try to deal with it somehow.

Anyway, about the damn I am sitting at my desk in the back room watching the cameras and I see the bug struggling, kicking it's many legs, then stopping to rest , then giving it another and then repeating the process. This poor bastard bug had been doing this for the two days I wasn't here. I identified myself with the poor creature and I couldn't understand why the girls wouldn't just take it out and set it free, so that's exactly what I did. I took the latter, climbed up to the camera, and took off the dome and there it was...the tiny waterbug that looked liked a monster on the camera, lying in it's own least that's what I thought it was. I then walked outside the store and dumped it into the planter. What a relief it must have I can only imagine...

Merry Christmas.
the Guero

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