Friday, February 22, 2008

Why Hillary

So I've been taking some flak from friends for not yet getting on the Obama-rama Love Train of Change. I still support Hillary. Yes, that's right...that "polarizing" woman that everyone loves to hate but I honestly think she is best candidate out of two great choices. I don't even think that Obama and Clinton's ideals and goal are substantially different. I do like the man. Let's face it, Obama does indeed inspire and he gives great speeches but I don't know if that is going to be enough to get through to November.

So far Obama has captured the imagination of the public and media but what happens if, more like when, he is the only game in town? When his voting record and background are raked through the coals of the press, Karl Rove and conservative talk radio? So far, it seems like they have been going very light on Mr. Obama but every single day Matt Drudge can't resist an anti-Clinton article or using the worst possible photos he can find. And so he doesn't bore himself, Drudge will use the same tactics on an easier target like Bill Clinton and lately he must sigh in relief that daughter Chelsea now seems to be fair game.

Despite Obama's lead in delegates and apparent popularity, the right wing media hasn't taken any pause in shit bricking Hillary day and night which raises the questions, why do they still consider her to be such a threat? Why treat Obama with such kid gloves? Why do they seem to feel more at ease with Obama in the running?

While with Hillary, after 20 years of constant attacks, there is nothing new that the right wing movement can dredge up. The well is already dry and what more can they do? Dust off Ken Starr and open up the Whitewater files again? Probably not. For this reason, I feel more confident about about Hillary. What do the "vast right wing" conspirators have in store for Mr. Obama? Do they somehow consider him a smaller fish to fry? I don't know and I would not want to have to find out the hard way.

That said Hillary and her people have not handled this campaign well. Making attacks on Obama has not helped her cause, yet she keeps doing it anyway which makes her appear like the angry, sore loser who can't resist a cheap shot be it worthy or not.

Reality is a bitch, however, and it appears that Hillary may have to come to terms with her ambition and step down. She has to think about the party and not let it be divided for the Republicans to take advantage. In short, their goals and views are nearly identical but one thinks they can implement changes through inspiration and the other though experience. Obviously both are needed and hopefully these two will handle their differences gracefully and leave the party strong. And if Hillary steps down, I also hope that Obama can keep up the inspiration for a next eight brutal months and possibly beyond.

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