Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So this most recent mess in South America, got me to Googling the FARC and some other related subjects when this photo popped up. My goodness, who wouldn't want to share a fox hole in jungle with this leftist mamacita and her AK-47? It makes me wonder, who is she? Where is she? Talk about marketing for the Farc. Can Maxim get her to do a cover?

Anyway, so things really seem be going south in South America. I think Hugo Chavez is really enjoying all this. Anything to make him like a Castro type of figure. But sorry Hugo, even Fidel has more class and tact than you. Restrain yourself man!

I think it also has the dual effect of taking the some the attention of Venezuelans away from the fact that Chavez's socialized supply structures are creating shortages of basic goods. So he wants to start a war when he can't even manage his own country? I don't think so...this all just another photo-op.

However, the fact that Columbia conducted a military operation in the sovereign nation of Ecuador does cause certain problems. I can't imagine that if some one like Mr. Chavez did the same thing, that the United States would be as understanding as they are with Columbia. Actually I wonder if that privately, the Bush Administration is tearing a Columbia a new asshole for getting into this mess. I don't think old Jorge the gringo needs anymore problems.


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