Monday, March 10, 2008


So our Bliss store in Plaza Camino Real is NO MORE. Closed. Finished. It's a sad time. We worked so hard. Tried to so hard to make it work but the mall is dead. The decline of the mall, the economy, the Marines from Camp Pendleton in Iraq, the closure of Robinson's May Co., the price of gas, home foreclosures, the fires....all that and more...

The mall has been left to suffer aimless youths hanging about with nothing better to do but shoplift and make trouble. Three years ago, there were women in their 20s and 30s who came to shop but they are all gone now, perhaps shopping at the popular Carlsbad Outlet instead. I really wish we could have stuck it until improvements are made but it may be quite some time.

It's strange now. It feels like something is missing. There is no store to call and check in. So now we move on and try to save the shop at Mission Valley. Hopefully, with all the inventory from the other store, we can have a fighting chance. It will be difficult, we still have bills to pay from the other store but still we move on. What choice do we have?

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