Friday, April 25, 2008


Last Sunday, while I was in the old neighborhood, my son and I walked up to Mission Street to go to the bank. On the way, we stopped by my old Parish, St. Peter's. I took a few photos of my old school and gave my son a brief tour of the place where his old man learned to read, write, count and respect authority... well I know that last one is somewhat debatable.

The 10:30 mass was just beginning when we stopped at the church. While standing in the rear of the church, I took two photos. The choir was singing and my son was tugging on my arm to get outof there. The whole scene scared him as I have kept religion out of his life so he isn't accustomed to church or anything like that. As he we walked out, he said, "Daddy...what is all that? What are they doing in church? I don't get it." All I could tell him was that I didn't get it either and that's why I stopped going a long time ago.

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