Friday, April 4, 2008


So this week, while Bear Stearns is in the process of "NOT" being bailed out by the government, I am presented with two equally fantastic choices: Behind Curtain number One : I can pay the rent for my house by Tuesday or face eviction (I've already received my 3 day notice) OR choose what's behind Curtain number 2: Pay the Bank for a past due amount and default on the loan. We all need a roof over our heads, especially when you have a small child, so you can guess which Curtain I will choose.

The last four years have been quite a learning experience for me. The number one lesson: Don't double-down with everything you have to go into a business partnership with a relative.

I have a lot of family that are praying for me but unless,Jesus, himself, can return to Earth yet again, make a quick pit stop in Mission Valley, and cut me a check from His Holiness' bank account for the sum of $520 grand, then I'm afraid it's all in vain.

In addition to all the prayers and well wishes, my sister-in-law (to whom I owe much thanks for supporting us), sent an e-mail to Oprah to help us out (seriously) but I don't know if she's quite as powerful as Jesus, but she certainly seems close.

Have a great weekend folks! And by they way, doesn't that Oprah look fabulous!

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