Monday, April 14, 2008


Everyone knows, the guero loves tacos, so I feel it's my duty to report or relay any pertinent taco news. Here is an article from today's LA Times about the growing tensions in Los Angeles between the taco truck vendors, restaurant owners and the taco/torta/quesadilla consumers caught in the crossfire!

Putting the brakes on East L.A.'s taco trucks
By Jean-Paul Renaud, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
April 14, 2008

Business was brisk one recent night as the smell of sizzling carne asada floated from an East Los Angeles taco truck. A row of customers sat on folding chairs, tacos and quesadillas in hand.
Two blocks down Cesar Chavez Avenue, Jesus Huerta's La Tia Tamale restaurant stood empty. (continue...)

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