Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yes. I know that lately I have been worse than Debbie Downer at a Holocaust film festival but it's hard man! It's hard! But in these trying times we have to find the things, big or small, that make us happy. For me, that means tacos. The best tacos come from the street vendors in TJ but it's not always convenient to make a skirmish across the border, so you just gotta get them where you can.

Today, that was at this taqueria in a tiny nondescript shopping center in Anaheim that I discovered accidentally about a year ago. Anytime that I'm driving up or down the 5, to or fro LA, I always find an excuse to drift off the Lincoln Ave. Exit to Tacos El Rey and have some tacos, burrito or a sope. When you are tired, beat-down and hungry, this plate of tacos looks like an arrangement of beautiful flowers. The magnificent yet simple combination of scents : tortillas, onions, cilantro, chile and grilled carne overwhelms me with comfort and pleasure. Ahhhhh Tacos. They make me happy!

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