Tuesday, May 27, 2008


(MAY 20, 2005 to MAY 19,2008)

We have struggled for more than three years but it's all come to a bitter and ugly end. Some of it was our fault, but most of was is not. There were plenty of others who mislead us and took advantage but I can't allow myself to be overly angry because karma is king and the Universe has a way of correcting itself, along with all the greedy beings that inhabit it. In the end, it was the economy, whose stranglehold over consumers, delivered the final death blow.

High fuel and food costs, a credit crunch, a never ending war, and a clueless administration leading the charge are all a recipe for disaster when it comes to small business. People just stopped buying and that was it. Sadly but not too surprisingly, the government's stimulus package was too little and too late in our case.

Besides the stress caused from lackluster sales, we quite enjoyed running the business day to day. We had a great groups girls who worked hard for us. Working along side of them, as you must in any small business, was a great experience that made it worthwhile to show up everyday. I equally enjoyed the relationships that we built with some of our vendors, who recognized our situation and tried to help in anyway they could. And finally, the customers who loved our store and understood the value of it. It felt good to give people what they wanted and have them come back again and again to see what we had to offer. It's hard to please everyone but it felt pretty good when we had "just what" they were looking for.

It's time to move on now,I suppose, but it's not easy walking away when you have just lost everything you have worked for since you started working. All the money is gone and nothing is left but family. So from that base, we must start again.

Good-bye Bliss. Good-bye San Diego, Good-bye Southern California. It's time to take a trip into the unknown. Again...

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