Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This really isn't a movie review, in fact, it's not a review at all. OK, I saw the movie and I liked it. The first Hulk movie, the overwrought drama by Ang Lee, has been completely tossed into the cinematic round file and they've started a whole new franchise with Ed Norton. I'm all for it. First Iron Man and now this movie...it's been a good summer for superhero movies as the filmmakers grew up with the genre and actually understand and care about it. Well thank God for that and how proud and happy we are for all of them, but what struck me more than Ed Norton's deft take on Bruce Banner and Liv Tyler's bad acting, was Brazilian bombshell, Débora Nascimento!! I think she was in the movie for all of one minute but I'm quite confident every geek googled her when they had the chance, like...well...like I did when I got home.

Understanding Banner's condition (transforming into the Hulk, after rapid increases of his heart rate) effectively conveys to the heterosexual male viewer the utter and unbearable torture that he lives with. Oh the humanity!!!
I was quite disappointed when the plot had moved out of the the beautifully shot,Brazilian favela and I had to face the fact that her role was done. It would have been more interesting if they just kept the entire movie set in Brazil. Yeah, I'm a little biased but it's difficult to watch the post-Aerosmith Liv Tyler after seeing Débora Nascimento. She's "incredible" and I'm certain we will be seeing a lot more of her.

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