Sunday, October 5, 2008


I heard "Constant Surprises" from Little Dragon, this weekend on KCRW and I can't get the music, the singer's voice or her face out of head. It just really mesmerized me. It's that jazzy, electronic R&B that just crept up on me and Yukimi Nagano's sexy, soulful vocals just hammer in the final nail of this solidly built track.

And no way can any salty critics accuse Nagano of being another Winehouse rip-off. Firstly, she is Swedish, not from the UK and secondly, she's been belting out the jams since 2001 when she recorded along with the electronic duo, Koop, who are also fellow Swedes.

While the video, directed by Fredrik Egerstrand, is noticeably low-budget, it's style sinks perfectly into the groove of this smooth sounding joint. After a cursory Google search, it looks as if they they will be in town soon. They are playing at The Roxy in West Hollywood on November 21st and at Cafe DuNord, in The City on November 23rd. Check 'em out:

Little Dragon - Constant Surprises (2007)

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Anonymous said...

far east fetish knows no boundaries. Sweden not even safe. :) Pete