Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So I went and voted today, there weren't many people there...hardly any at all. I'm used to voting with the machines as that's what they had in San Diego but here in San Francisco, the ballots were printed on these big giant pieces of card paper that you had draw a line on with a pen. It was pretty primitive but whatever. The most noticeable feature was that there was every language known to God printed on the ballot. The Spanish was easier to read than the English.  It took a few seconds for my pea sized brain to process the format. It was a dyslexic person's nightmare.

But it's done. Now we just wait for history to unfold and see if the Republicans can pull something out of their sleeve in the swing states as they have in the past.  Elections have never been the same since 2000.  Now every race is reported as "neck and neck" whether it really is or not.

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