Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Perhaps JohnnyO at Burrito Justice can help me out with my current dilemma. Burrito eateries are all over the Mission, but one item of culinary distinction I've yet been able to find in the Mission, or in the Bay Area at all, is some place that makes carne asada fries. After living in San Diego the last 3 1/2 years, it just became such a staple for me and my son as we would usually share a serving. We would usually buy some from our local Mexican Take out shack, Molca Salsa, right in the heart of beautiful downtown Poway, California - the city in the country!

It's such a simple yet righteous recipe...french fries, topped with carne asada, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese. There are varied differences with the types of ingredients and everyone in San Diego swears on their favorite place to get their carne asada fries action. And if you haven't tried it...well then maybe the next time that you are in San Diego, you should give it a taste. So JohnnyO...what gives? Any ideas? Friendly with any Mission taqueria owners that can relocate what is now a local insitution in San Diego?


Anonymous said...

Wow -- I have never seen these before, but I heartily approve of the concept. Kind of reminds me of poutine -- cheese curd and gravy over fries, mmmm.

Time to put them on the Burrito Radar!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they can be found in Fairfield and Fremont, and theoretically at El Zocalo:

I will check out the latter next time I am getting pupusas.

The Güero said...

@burritojustice Freemont? Fairfield? Fer shitssakes!! I think I will have to check out this El Zocalo. I hear the papusas there are to die for.