Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I went to class downtown last night and it was indeed hard to pay attention. I kept looking at the nytimes web site on my Blackberry. I couldn't believe that Obama won so early. Right before we returned from our break, CNN called the winner and we could all hear the horns and people screaming. I couldn't wait to leave.

As I walked to the BART station, my heart raced, my jaw ached, and my spine tingled. I felt like I was high on stimulants (not that I uh...have ever had any experience with that) I felt such emotion...positive feelings...and if you must know, I'm a pretty negative bastard. But FINALLY, FINALLY there was something to feel good about.

Not only are Cheney and Bush leaving the White House, but at last we have a leader that is well how should I say...some one who is an ACTUAL leader! Barack Obama is an intelligent, positive, and yes, a conservative thinker who has shown he can remain steady and serious in the face of adversity and criticism. He survived the old girl Hilliary and old man McCain along with his Bush campaign team. This swift victory was a mandate. A mandate that should tell all the Republicans that if they want to lead this country again, they ought to shit-can these cartoon character candidates who act like the folks "next door." If I want to borrow milk or sugar I will go to the folks next door but if I want some one to take charge of this country, then I want the best and the brightest. This country is facing its greatest economic downturn in over 70 years: I don't think a "breath of fresh air" is going to be able put out that burning house.

Yes I was excited last night. I stopped at the Napper Tandy pub on the way home and threw down two pints of Guinness. I didn't know anyone there and I didn't say much but I just drank, sank in the festive atmosphere while I was texting and calling friends. One drunk guy about my age stood next to me and slurred, "Do you really think this a historic moment..hah?". "Hell Yes!" I told him,"Most definately!" then I said, "I feel like the rebels just blew up the goddamned Deathstar and that I'm waiting for the fucking Ewoks and fireworks!"

He hiccupped and turned to his annoyed wife. "Did you just hear this guy?" he pointed to me and lurched forward, "he said the Ewoks....just blew up the...ahhh....Deathstar....ah....". He then left and stumbled off to the restroom.

I found a seat at the bar and watched young Mission hipsters dancing, kissing and laughing underneath the sounds of Abba's "Take A Chance On Me" blasting from the juke box; a muted Wolf Blitzer pointing to ridiculous graphs and charts on the mounted TVs. It was truly a surreal moment: I never thought I would enjoy listening to fucking Abba! But more importantly, I also thought how fucking awesome it was that America had decide to take its chance with Barack Obama. Let's go!!!

¡Sí se puede!

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