Sunday, June 1, 2008


So this passed Thursday, I'm cruising in the family truckster, headed south on the 163 just before the 52, (through the Miramar Marine Air base) listening to my ipod, minding my own guero business when all of a sudden, I hear an explosion of glass. I quickly turned around, only to see my center passenger window shattered with a huge gaping hole. The first thought I had was," Did some one just try to shoot me?!" But there were no other cars around me and I hadn't cut anyone off. Then I just assumed, that maybe there is a firing range on the airbase that's not too secure. Anyway, whatever it was, it missed me by "that" much and luckily my son wasn't sitting there. I looked for a shell but I couldn't find one. The shattered tempered glass that was left made a continuous snapping sound, like bacon frying in a pan.

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I was told by the good folks at All-Star Glass in Poway that it's very rare for an object on the road to get kicked up and break a side window and that it would take something incredibly hard to break to break that window. So who knows! All I know is that I'm out $239.

I called 911 and they patched me up the CHP who told me that I could make a report at a station...if I wanted too. I passed. Interestingly, the woman at UPS (the location I was headed during the incident) told me that one of her coworkers had the same thing happen to him on the same freeway but that he had a bullet hole in his car door!!!!

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